Fabric Journey


Our fabrics have a fascinating story to tell. Once upon a time, some yarn used in our fabrics used to be landfill waste. But thanks to dedicated experts and green technology, this waste is turned into finest quality recycled yarn. 

Handloom fabrics are created with care, and they have unique characteristics setting them apart from the mass manufactured fabrics. Did you know handloom does not use any electricity, so no CO2 emission. 

Punar tea towel fabrics are 100% cotton - 70% cotton and 30% recycled cotton yarn. Natural bio enzyme finish applied to handloom fabrics reduce shrinkage up to 2%. This finish also gives super absorbency power so our gorgeous tea towels can soak up any mess and are a must have addition to any kitchen.

Temple marks, starting/stopping marks & banding on fabrics are the little quirks and it adds to the fabric personality.

Sometimes light banding is visible on fabrics and is more noticeable in light & contrast colour fabric. This is specifically due to hand weaving and recycled yarn characteristics.