When you shop with Punar, you are uplifting women artisans and their communities.

Punar is purpose driven company bringing you Award winning sustainable corporate gifts, business gifts and homewares that are ethically handcrafted by women weaving innovative textiles with a story. Designed in Naarm & crafted by women artisans in India.

We appreciate YOU! With your support, we are enriching the community of women weavers who are paid fair wages and enjoy thriving careers in a nurturing, safe and supportive environment.

Punar means "Again" in the ancient Sanskrit language in India. Often used in the context of 'rejuvenation' and 'rebirth', we couldn't think of a better name to honour our women who making a new start in life despite their socioeconomic background. Our innovative approach is using rejuvenated yarn into beautiful products. 

At Punar, circular economy is at the heart of our creations. The handloom fabric used to create our products is made using finest quality recycled yarn, developed by upcycling textile landfill waste.

Our purpose is creating a better tomorrow for people and planet.  


Thank you for choosing our award winning sustainable luxury products. You are joining hands in creating IMPACTS. 

Since launching, we have:
~ Diverted 158 kg textile waste from landfill
~ Handwoven 530 meters fabric
~ Saved 620,000 litres of water

~ Paid fair wages to 9 women artisans
~ Used natural dyes & zero chemicals

Did you know handwoven fabrics do not use electricity?

We create zero emission fabrics. Every 100 meters of fabric on an average stops 92kg CO2 emissions.


Your Punar gifts keep giving! They are exquisite and impactful so you can create lasting impression. They go beyond mere gift, helping you build long term connections.

Every piece is artisan crafted and made with our luxurious quality, made to last, zero emission handloom fabrics.